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Professional Website Design and Hosting

We Design Clean, Professional, and Effective Websites. Here's a Few Examples of our Work:

We're Rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau!

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True Star Computer Solutions LLC, Computers  Service & Repair, Warsaw, IN{JS_CODE_0}
Car Dealership Website Design in Indiana
pc, computer and apple computer recycling in warsaw indiana
Mobile ready website design in warsaw indiana

There's a Lot More to Web Design than You May Realize.

Even if you Could Build a Visually Appealing Website, You haven't even begun to successfully attract Your Potential Clients to it. (574) 268-3333

pc, computer and apple computer recycling in warsaw indiana
pc, computer and apple computer recycling in warsaw indiana

Websites Need Proper Ranking to be Found

SEO, Semantics, Key Phrases, Back Linking, etc. etc. Building a Website that Actually Brings Traffic is Tough. Lets Make it Happen (574) 268-3333

pc, computer and apple computer recycling in warsaw indiana
Mobile ready website design in warsaw indiana

Pointers to Having an Effective Website

Designing a Professional Website that is Effective Requires Extensive Web Development Knowledge. (574) 268-3333

We all want an Effective Website.  Operating any business or organizational effort today without the support of an effective website, is like owning a car with flat tires. You'll get somewhere... but the ride will be slow, bumpy, and the competition will zoom by. Ultimately, this scenario will end in failure.  While you may regard this as a rather strong point of view, few business owners today realize the fiscal depth of a website, that effectively communicates the value of their products and services to a desired demographic.

What's the point of having a website in the first place? Isn't it exposure? What are you hoping to acheive? You wouldn't pay for a billboard and then hope its mounted where there's no traffic.  This, however, is the inconspicuos reality for most websites.  Acheiving website exposure in a professional, prescribed, manner so as to provide effective, measurable results is difficult. 

Here are a Few Quick Pointers that Affect Your Websites Performance:

  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - Is your website Mobile Friendly? Websites are visited more often by smartphones and other smart devices than by traditional Computers such as Laptops and Desktop Computers.
  2. SEMANTICS - You may have a beautiful website. How does the code look? Is your "Web Developer" familiar with the neccessary semantics of proper coding. Or, do they download templates from some online "Themeshop" without knowing or caring about the semantics of the code. Your rating by search engines is heavily affected by the structural soundness of your website.
  3. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Is your site Search Engine Optimized (SEO)? SEO is a major factor and arguably the most important factor of getting traffic to your site. Without being recognized and highly ranked by major search engines, your site is virtually worthless.

This by far is only a few important pointers. There are Many more variables to consider when designing, building, and hosting your website Effectively. 

Consider these factors the next time you choose whether or not to use a professional with extensive knowlege and years of experience in the web development industry.  Call us at (574) 268-3333


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