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Call us, We have Many Popular Computer Parts in Stock (574) 268-3333

laptop computers in stock warsaw indiana true star computer solutions

Laptop Computers

We have a Variety of Laptops in Stock, Call us, We'll get you setup with one that works well for you!

Desktop Computers in Stock Warsaw Indiana Truestar Computer Solutions

Desktop Computers

Business and Home Desktop Computers and Workstations. Designed with Quality in Mind and Super Fast.

printers in stock in warsaw indiana

Inkjet and Laser Printers

Printers for your Business or Home Needs. Whether is a small printing job to high-demand business applications. Call us today.

graphics cards in stock in warsaw indiana

Gaming Graphics Cards

Need to Upgrade the Performance of your Existing Gaming Rig. We have what you need. Call us at (574) 268-3333.

Computer Power Supplies in Stock Warsaw Indiana Truestar Computer Solutions

Computer Power Supplies

Need More Power? Need a Replacement Computer Power Supply. We have Them. Whether its for Gaming Systems or your Home Desktop.

computer monitors in stock in warsaw indiana

Computer Monitors or Screens

Need a New Screen for your Desktop Computer? We have them. We'll help you choose the size and Resolution that works well for you.

Onsite Computer Repair Warsaw Indiana

Have a Computer Problem that needs Urgent Help? We Offer Same Day Service!

Call us: (574) 268-3333

Apple Macbook, Imac, and Mac Pro Repairs

Running on an Apple Device? We're here to support you! Call us with your questions or when you need a Repair.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

New Desktop Computer Sales

Need a New Computer for Your Home or Business in Warsaw Indiana? We have what you need In Stock. Let us Customize a Computer to Your Personal or Business Needs. We even Offer Complete Installation Services. Leave the Setup to Us!

New Desktop Computer Sales Warsaw Indiana


We have Home and Business Laptops in Stock. Give us a call at (574) 268-3333 You'll be glad you did.

Microsoft & Comptia Certified

How do you know that we're Capable of Performing to the Highest Standards in the Computer Industry? We are Certified by Microsoft and Comptia to Meet and Exceed Your Expectations!

  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Comptia Certified Professionals
  • 12 Years+ Experience in the Industry
Certified Professional Computer Technicians in Warsaw Indiana

Having Trouble With Windows 10?

There have been many surprises with Windows 10. Windows Ten has ended up on many computers as an Automatic Update. We'll help you take care of any questions or changes that you need to make concerning the new Windows Ten. Give us a call at (574) 305-0356. We'll make sure your Computer Does what you Want it to do.

Clean, Professional Website Design

Clean Professional Websites You can be Proud Of.

Professional Website Design Warsaw Indiana

Our websites are designed mobile first.

Your Visitors Will be Able to See Your Website Plainly no Matter What Device They Use.

  • Multi layouts

    Works with any Smart phone or Tablet. Our Websites Dynamically Adjust to ANY Screen Size! No matter what device your client uses, You're Covered.

  • Fully Customized

    Designed to your Specifications. We sit down with you and make sure all aspects of the website suit your personal or Business Objectives.

  • Clean Professional Design

    Clean  and Professional Layout and Design. WE have  the knowledge and  Experience to bring you Intuitive Designs that Engage Your Customers.

  • Creativity

    One of a kind Websites. Pack the creative punch of a truly customized website. Cookie-cutter websites are a dime-a-dozen and lack authenticiy.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimized, Get found on the internet. SEO is crucial to the success of your website. Let the Pros Take Care of it.

  • Instant Call Feature

    A simple Tap calls your business, Making it easy for your customers to reach you.

We'll Build Your Computers and Setup Your Office

Time to upgrade your computer or moving into a new office? We'll take the stress away and make the setup easy! From a single computer, to as many as you like. (574) 305-0356

Home and business office Computer setups

Let us Customize and Setup a New Computer for Your Home or Business

Professional QuickBooks Support

Does your Company run on Quickbooks? We'll make sure you stay up and Running Smoothly. We'll install and maintain your Quickbooks from a single computer to a large Network.

Quickbooks Repair and Setup Warsaw Indiana

HD Video Surveillance Systems

Know exactly what's going on at your business or home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. View a live video stream of your office or residence from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

FULL HD Video for clear effective capture.
Be alerted on your phone to intruders and motion.
Read License plate Numbers.
Capture High Resolution Images of Intruders.
Provide evidence to law enforcement.

Video Surveillance Systems for Home and Business

First-Class Reliable Anti Virus

Need a Reliable Anti Virus Solution for Your Home or Business? Eset is at the Top of the List of Effective, Proficient Internet Security Applications. Stop Viruses before they have a chance to Infect Your Computer. Feel Safe on the Internet!

  • Personal Firewall
  • Live Anti Virus

  • Banking Protection
  • Always Active

remote Pc and Apple computer repairs

Let us Connect with You. We'll fix Your Computer Problems Remotely. This Saves you Time, No need to Schedule an Onsite Repair. We'll be fixing your Problems in about One Minute! Call us at (574) 268-3333 for Help.

Remote Computer Repair in Warsaw Indiana True Star Computer Solutions

What our customers say

We have had excellent service from TrueStar over the last 5 years.
Our network has several servers at 2 locations as well as 25+ workstations.
TrueStar has consistently had the expertise and technology that we needed
as our company and domain has expanded.
We highly recommend this company, you will love their service!

Ramco supply

We have had Excellent service at True Star Computers. True Star set up our car dealer ship computer system and everything has worked fine. I would recommend True Star Computers to anyone . They are
also very reliable, and answer any and all questions you might have. Thank you to Gordon Yoder. 

Stanley Scherer owner Jeffry Motors 

True Star is very helpful and will do anything for you! Has the patience of Job when you don't know much about computers and is very willing to walk you through the steps. I can recommend True Star computers to anyone. Great service!

Lillian Burkholder


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